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Cell and Gene Therapy

Through the PRIME-XV media platform, and a range of complementary products designed to work seamlessly alongside it, we offer advanced cell culture media solutions for stem and primary cells to support basic, translational, and clinical research, as well as commercial applications.

Featuring chemically-defined, xeno-free, and serum-free, formulations, the platform is precisely developed and rigorously tested to ensure the consistent delivery of sufficient cell populations with the desired functionality and phenotype for therapeutic applications.

Designed to support cutting-edge therapies at every stage of development, the platform is cGMP manufactured using raw ingredients from a strictly controlled supply chain to minimize risk from adventitious agents and features document packets to facilitate the regulatory submission process.

Since cell and gene therapies frequently require individualized support, we also offer process optimization for media and protocols, as well as custom manufacturing and packaging at any scale—from 10-10,000 L (liquid), or 1-7000 kg (dry powder).

With more than four decades of experience supporting commercial biotherapeutics, we have cultivated deep industry insight, cell culture media expertise, and a legacy of unrivaled customer service—positioning us as the cell culture media partner of choice to support your cell and gene therapy needs.

Custom Media & Services

We know the emerging cell therapy industry’s needs are nuanced. If you don’t see the product or service that fits your needs, or you have questions and would like individualized support, we are here to help. Contact us today to speak with a media specialist.

At a Glance


Chemically-defined, animal component-free medium for natural killer (NK) cell expansion. Optimized to deliver vigorous cell growth while maintaining NK cell functionality and potency.

PRIME-XV Chondrogenic Differentiation XSFM

Chondrogenic Differentiation Xeno-Free Serum-Free Medium. Supports robust induction of chondrogenesis from human mesenchymal stem/ stromal cells (MSCs)

PRIME-XV Adipogenic Differentiation SFM

Adipogenic Differentiation Serum-Free Medium. Supports robust induction of adipogenesis from human mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (MSCs)

PRIME-XV Osteogenic Differentiation SFM

Osteogenic Differentiation Serum-Free Medium. Supports robust induction of osteogenesis from human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (MSCs) and human amniotic fluid stem cells (AFSCs)